A journey alone and scared.

Hi my name is ken alex varghese,im writing this blog as my experience of a dream bike ride across the country alone.

This was my teenage dream to ride across my country that is india to the borders where the highest mountains of the country are,im an engineering student im 21 years old now i completed this dream ride last year when i was 20years old.

After completing my school i was sent to mangalore for higher studies and they bought me a motorcycle as a gift and i loved it.Every weekend i take my bike to places i loved to be alone with it.

After my first year my results came i failed in every subject my parents were mad at me they chamged my college,they were very mad at me they believed im not studying because of my bike and they wanted to sell it.I was depressed these days,my best friend was dead after he met with an accident and my other best friend had to drop college because he also failed in every subject his parents took him back home.I was so alone,i just couldnt feel things

So i rented a pg where i stayed alone believing i’ll be okay , most of the days i was drunk believing i could forget my dead best friend,crying alone in a room thinking of someone who was always there for you is dead,maybe its the most bad feeling a human can experience ,drinking rum smoking joints so i could sleep well but i never slept well.

I failed in exams again my parents were so mad at me,these days i was badly addicted to alchohol, i wanted to make things better.They stoped sending me money.I wanted to suicide.

I had this dream of riding my bike alone to the northern part of my country called the HIMALAYAS.

On my 20th birthday i planned a bike ride to the himalayas alone,my parents would never allow me to do this,i wanted to do this hoping this ride will make things better.So i started saving money for my dream bike ride.I had 10k rupees when i started this bike ride,the roads are dangerous than we think they say.I bought a tent and a sleeping bag for 5k.And one night i packed my things tied it on the back side of my bike.ONE LAST RIDE.


The road till himalayas was 5000kms long.

It will take 8 days to complete the ride its not about the distance its about the dangerous roads a 20year boy have to cover,i started this ride from mangalore.You have to be well planned before doing a bike ride to the northern parts because its the most bad place in the country


I filled my bike with full tank petrol i had some money left with me,but if i wanted to complete this ride i have to go on very low budget,on the first day i reached gokarna a place in india where most of foreigners come they camp on sea sides in their tents.So i took my tent and camped with them gokarna is 400km ride from mangalore.


I met these people,i talked with these people,amazing people with amazing spirits,i told them i was travelling to the himalayas,they raised my spirit,after being alone on a differnt place alone in a tent i almost lost all my hopes but talking with them they restored my hopes,i stayed in this hippie island for 2 days i made friends and one night i left these people and i never saw them.


I crossed maharashtra border, to keep my budget low i ate very less,i was tired i had to camp somwhere i couldnt afford a hotel so i went to a petrol pump and aksed him to let me camp there and he allowed me to.I was getting far from home it was the first time i was so far from home,wanted to go back so badly but i had these strong desire.


I left the petrol bunk i was almost out of money i filled my bike full tank again continued driving,i had many bottles of water,stoping my bike for smoking cigrattes staring at my bike hopelessly thinking will i make it to the HIMALAYAS.The night was colder as i was closer to the north,i camped near a road side a very empty place it was around 9pm,i was scared ,i. forced myself to sleep but i couldnt.The more i was staying there weirder it was getting,so i packed my tent fastly as possible and rode my bike to find a stay where i would be safe and sleep well.

The maharashtra roads are so silent,you wont even barely see a human on the roads,i remember i was so sleepy my eyes were heavier,i wanted to stay somwhere so badly,that day treated me so badly i remeber crying on my bike and i rode till 4 in the morning to find a dhaba were the truck drivers everyone stay.The owner asked me to pay 100rs for a night stay.

I took my sleeping bag and lied on the bed that is kept among a bunch of other beds where these truck drivers sleep i had to share my bed with a fat guy this guy had a very bad smell like havnt took a bath for years i was so sleepy i tucked my head into my sleeping bag and slept for 4 hrs.


After having a bad sleep, running out of money i lost all my hope,i was getting dehydrated,my head was paining, i wanted to go back i ran out of money,my parents thinks im still in mangalore so i called my mom and asked for money, she sent me some money i went to an atm it was the moment i knew i was fucked the atm card holder was my mom and message went to her phone showing location pune.

She called me was angry asked where are you i told im in pune,how u went she asked with tour bike?Yes i said,she was silent for few minutes and started crying so loud.She told me to come back immediately,No i said she was so sad and my dad would kill her if she said this,

I told her i want to complete this ride she didint spoke a thing she hanged the phone.i took room in a hotel nearby, a good rest after 5 days , i took bathe after 5 days, i was feeling well again.


I was getting near to rajasthan its a desert area you cant find a shop in this highway fo 50km, maybe an abandoned place in this country,people here are not well educated,they hate bike riders.If had to stop for smoking they’d ask me 1000questions,i was really scared in these areas,people dont have good manners, they are very less educated,im a 20 year old boy alone on a bike and they like scaring us, so i was sitting on this shop smoking cigratte a bunch of boys came not elder than me maybe of same age,i saw them and looked down using my mobile one boy grabbed my mobile and passed it to the other guy like they were making fun of me they didint like me,they were playing with my phone i asked them to return my phone and they act like what i cant hear you and they starts laughing, i wanted to cry then i complained to the shokeeper who was a old man and he brought my phone back, as soon as i got my phone back i went back to my bike fast and went from there,Rajasthan is a desert area in was noon it was so hot i removed my jacket i was wearing a tshrt and not wearing my helmet,my stomach was getting bad after having food from a dhaba i really wanted to go to toilet,there is no toilet no petrol pumps nothing about 60-70 kms so i turned my bike into the desert and i took a bottle of water and i had to take shit in desert and i was okay than before,the next petrol pump i went there to fill petrol and the petrol pump manager told me its very dangerous to ride through rajasthan in night time even truck drivers dont do so.he was telling about some spirits and weird stuffs that happened during long time ago, i was scared i wanted to stop in the petrol pump and it was noon so i thought i’ll camp in the next place.As it turns night in desert areas it gets cold so cold so i stopped by and put on my jackets and i was still cold.While riding i saw a small tribe of people camping and i tought it’d be safe if i camp here so i parked my bike took my tent.

It was a wonderful view from the top,the desert was changing it was getting cold, there are peoples staying down mear me so i was less scared.I set my tent made a small campfire before the sun was going down i collected some small woodsticks and made fire with it,after a half hour two people came directly at me i could see them i was sitting near my campfire making me warm,i got scared by seeing there dress, a long white dress i nervously smiled at them they didint talk a thing, i smiled again they just kept staring at me then a group of 4 or 5 people came there were kids with them one guy lifted a kid and put her on my bike,twisting my throttle lever up and down badly,they circled against my tent they were not saying a word i was so scared i almost cried i packed my tent fast didint tie my bag on bike i wore my bag kept tent on my seat and sat on it sleeping bags on the top of the tank.I was scared and shitless i raced my bike through the trais and got in the highway.This time i was crying and riding my bike.I was struck in the middle.I was in the middle of the country i cudnt go back cant go forward either i lost my confidence it was getting dark and cold i dont know what to do,there were no people no cars no trucks i was all alone in a desert.Then after a little i saw a light in a place i raced and went there,it was a nice hotel a punjabi was running the hotel , he knew i was scared,

He allowed me to camp in front of his hotel,then the next day i got away,

The mornings were colder than the nights, i had pair of riding gloves but still my fingers were so cold i cant feel my fingers and coming further i saw a shop a truck parked at front they were setting a campfire i rushed and stoped in frnt of it kept my hands above the flame i was feeling better,there were 5,6 old guys there sitting around the campfire one guy suddenly kept his arms on thighs and he slowly moved his hands to my balls and trying to hold them i got up fast it was morning so it was okay than night, i shouted at him this guy is around 50years old,everyone were laughing at me.I dont kmow why,things were getting bad i had to get out of rajasthan so adjusting my gloves i rode fast as i can getting out of rajasthan finaly a place with some crowd peoples i was feeling good than before, i rode my bike through ahamedabad and got into a place i got struck google maps were not responding, a place full of muslims, so i saw a guy carrying a kid on his shoulders i stoped by him

and asked the way he face changed suddennly he gave a hit on my back and sai jaa madarchoth(motherfucker) i didint knw what to do many peole were staring at me even womens then people crowded they all were mad at me,told me get out or they’ll hit me,i didint understand why people are like this everyone hated me.I took my bike and stayed in a lodge that night.


Somehow i managed to get out oh ahamedabad and i continued traveling to delhi,while i was going i had many obstacles on roads many punctures,somehow i managed to come to delhi , my bike suddenly stopped, i got out and checked but bikes battery blew up i was clearly fucked, tjere were no battery shops near by i had to push my bike at 20km/he speed with my bags on and out it on second gear to start it most time it doesnt work so i have to try again.I stayed 2 days in delhi m,serviced ky bike completely i told my mom its near and i’ll come back by train mom was ok than earlier


So i started my journey from delhi to HIMALAYAS alone i was happy it was getting cold i bought new jackets,i was so happy , there were good people everywhere from dfrnt parts of the country ne loved talking to me,everyone was shocked when i said i came alone,i stayed there at night.


As i rode up the hill,i saw blue waters beautiful birds,i cud see mountains covered with snow on top,i was crying not because i was sad not because i was happy,i was rubbing my bike tank.shes a beauty,i travelled to the top it was getting cold its freezing, i reached the top its called manali,it started snowing,im freezing i rode my bike through the snow fall parked it, i had a bottle of wine that i bought last day , my body was wet water in my shoes were freezing, i sat by my bike holding wine in my hand i removed my glove removed my shoes i couldnt feel both my feet and arms i sat there looking at my her, shes beautiful.And some guy came to me held me took to a hotel and brought my bike also,i was in a hotel room when i woke up, i never saw who brought me to the room.

I had to buy new dress my shoes were also gone,hotel keeper told me i couldve freezed to death.

I was ok on the next day,i starred at my bike more than the mountains,maybe shes more beutiful to me.

I thought doing things like this will fix me now i know nothing can fix me i’ll have to keep doing more crazier things not to make me happy to make me feel more alive.

Seeing mountains and snow made me happy but i was more happy seeing her covered with snow, and i said to myself oh shes beautiful.


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